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Making use of the rapid pace of progress in digital technology, Dirbato's new business field will create new value for the world.
There are many industries that will experience an increase in "Joy" by involving themselves in IT, and there are still many areas of technology capable of solving apparent and latent issues throughout the world.
Members who share the enthusiasm toward technology and solving problems will create new levels of value.


Our Product

PropTech: Reduction of real estate desk work by utilizing RPA technology

Although the market size of the Japanese real estate industry is extremely large, with sales of approximately 50 trillion yen and approximately 330,000 corporations, the digitization of the market is still lagging behind that of other countries such as the United States.
As the first step for providing PropTech solution, Dirbato resells “K Robo” (an RPA tool) developed by K Management Co., Ltd. allowing small and medium-sized real estate companies to streamline desk work such as searching properties using REINS / ATBB, creating “Maisoku” (property description materials), and sending the property description to customers via emails, and to focus more on their primary tasks. In the future, we plan to enhance our efforts in the development of sales support tools using AI.

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RetailTech: Demand forecasting and customer visualization using AI technology

In recent years, as an urgent issue facing the retail industry, due to the declining birthrate, aging population, diversification of consumer needs, etc., retailers cannot sell the same way as before and due to the lack of sales, excess inventory, price reduction losses, and disposal losses are becoming the norm.
To solve this issue, Dirbato has collaborated with SENSY Co., Ltd., which has analyzed the big data of various retail companies with AI, to provide RetailTech solutions such as creating highly accurate demand forecast and price optimization linked with POS data and competitive price data, optimizing product lineups and shelf space allocations to maximize sales and profits, formulating customer persona by estimating consumer preferences and values from ID-POS and adding sensibility tags

Digital Transformation (DX) Solution for Finance and Accounting

The solution aims at completely improving business operations involving Finance and accounting, which still rely on paper and personal seals. It is still necessary for people involved in Finance and accounting to go into their offices to do their work, despite the current coronavirus crises, and the main reason for this is that their jobs involve the use of paper and personal seals. However, these Solution are provided under the context of it being necessary to restructure finance and accounting affairs in the future from the viewpoints of improving productivity, sustaining operations, and for protecting the lives and health of employees.

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Our Seeds

Here we introduce a part of the lineup that is under consideration.

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