Dirbato guarantees compliance and promotes the strengthening of corporate governance in order to provide continual support and value to clients. In addition, we also operate the company based on our personal information protection policies and other appropriate policies as listed below.

Privacy Policy

We believe that protecting personal information is extremely important. Here we explain the way in which the company handles personal information.

Information Security Policy

By ensuring that all executives and employees are fully aware of each item stipulated in our security policies listed below, we are able to make sure that all information assets that we handle are appropriately protected.

Policy Regarding Antisocial Forces

We have established a basic policy regarding antisocial forces, and ensure that our business affairs are executed in a suitable and safe manner by having all executives and employees strictly conform to the policy.

Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives

We make the best possible use of the strengths possessed by each and every one of our employees and aim at providing value to the world in order to achieve our mission of “Bringing Joy to the World with Technology.” In order to ensure this, we believe that it is necessary to create new viewpoints and senses of value by mutually accepting diversity.