Bringing Joy to the World with Technology

An incubation firm founded in Japan
to raise the value of engineers in Japan

Bringing Joy to the World with Technology

We are engaged in creating new culture from Japan.
First, we break down existing structures, then rebuild them from scratch.
Going beyond the accepted industry norms, we make it our mission to
increase the number of engineers with the power to change the world,
even on an individual basis, and have them contribute in a way they find fulfilling.
We develop fields in which engineers can shine, both in Japan and on the world stage.
We champion diversity as much as we champion technology.
We strive to create a future beyond what anyone has imagined.
We take difficult concepts to create a new world, turning them into something enjoyable.

Consulting Service

The pivotal area of business for Dirbato in achieving our mission of "Bringing Joy to the World with Technology."
The support we provide is multi-faceted, from AI, big data and other leading-edge technologies through to
mission-critical systems and other core systems that help support companies.
We are also expanding our field of services by establishing business links
with companies involved in projects that are achieving results on a global scale.


We have provided support within a wide range of fields without concentrating on a single industry ever since we were first founded.
Here we will introduce just some of the IT consulting services with which we have provided support.


king use of the rapid pace of progress in digital technology, Dirbato's new business field will create new value for the world.
There are many industries that will experience an increase in "Joy" by involving themselves in IT,
and there are still many areas of technology capable of solving apparent and latent issues throughout the world.
Members who share the enthusiasm toward technology and solving problems will create new levels of value.

What is Dirbato?

Dirbato is a group of specialists that uses digital technology
as its driving force to solve issues for companies and the world.
An incubation firm that continues to use business and technology
to grasp the trends of the world and create new levels of value.


To those who wish to grow with Dirbato.
Why not discuss your next vision with us?
We'd love to hear your thoughts.